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Next course April 2018 - dates to be confirmed
Email us on weyfarers [at] aol.com for further details or apply now online

Caroline with a group of beginners

Our rowing courses are approved by British Rowing
and led by qualified and experienced coaches

Wey to Row

The Weyfarers Beginners' Rowing Course

The next course will start in April 2018 (dates to be confirmed).   Download an application form or apply online


Session are on Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. and Saturday afternoons at 2 p.m. (Autumn course Saturday and Sunday afternoons).  Please note - you need to attend at least 8 of the 10 sessions, including the first two,  and be prepared to work harder if you miss any!

Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Autumn 2017 - note new schedule
Wednesday 12th April Wednesday 5th July Saturday 9th September
Saturday 15th April Saturday 8th July Sunday 10th September
Wednesday 19th April Wednesday 12th July Saturday 16th September
Saturday 22nd April Saturday 16th July Sunday 17th September
Wednesday 26th April Wednesday 19th July Saturday 23rd September
Saturday 29th April Saturday 22nd July Sunday 24th September
Wednesday 3rd May Wednesday 26th July Saturday 30th September
Saturday 6th May Saturday 29th July Sunday 1st October
Wednesday 10th May Wednesday 2nd August Saturday 7th October
Saturday 13th May Saturday 5th August Sunday 8th October


You'll get fitter, make new friends, and have FUN


Anyone from 18 to 80 can join (our sister club Weybridge offers junior rowing courses). No prior experience of rowing is required. You just need to be able to swim 100 metres in light clothing. Please note - although we do not expect you to be an Olympic athlete (and you will get fitter as you learn), you will need to be able to get and out of the boats without assistance.  If our coaches consider that you are putting yourself and others at risk through lack of fitness and flexibility, we may ask you to leave the course and will refund the balance of the fee.


We will teach you the basics of sculling (with 2 oars) and rowing (with 1 oar) and introduce you to coxing. We will cover safety, boat handling, and improving general fitness. We also have sessions on nutrition or other topics. You will be given a course handbook to remind you of what you have learned!


The course will be run by Caroline Turnbull and other qualified club coaches, assisted by some of our more experienced members. Caroline is a British Rowing qualified Bronze Award coach, and Coach Educator (which means she also coaches the coaches). She also holds a Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor award and level 3 Nutrition Advisor award. All our coaches are volunteers.


There will be two sessions per week, mostly with about one and a half hours practical on the water and half an hour learning about different aspects of the sport. The course is limited to 16 people, and we will usually have 3 or 4 coaches and some experienced rowers to show you how it's done! We will teach you in wide, stable boats, with either 2 or 4 people rowing. Towards the end of the course we may move to racing boats -  fours and double sculls.


Our beginners' rowing courses comprise 10 sessions, with 2 sessions per week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons (Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Autumn).  You MUST attend at least 8 sessions, including the first two, otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the rest of the group.


Weyfarers Rowing Club, Thames Lock, Jessamy Road, Weybridge, KT13 8LG.


The 10 session course costs 135, which includes temporary club membership (so that you are covered by the Club's insurance), a course handbook and a session on the rowing tank at Molesey Boat Club (2nd session). We ask for £25 non-refundable deposit on registration and the remaining £110 one month before the start of the course.


Download an application form, email us at weyfarers@aol.com or phone CarolineTurnbull on 01932 340108. Completed forms, together with your 25 deposit, should be returned at least 2 weeks before the start of the course.  Please note that our courses are usually over-subscribed, so apply early to secure a place!


We hope you will be bitten by the bug and carry on rowing with us!

If you just want to keep fit and enjoy the river with your new friends you can continue with Weyfarers. We have improvers sessions twice a week, after which you will take our Competency Test and join in our general sessions. We also organise and take part in rowing tours in this country and abroad. Membership of Weyfarers costs 195 p.a. This includes use of all equipment and ongoing coaching, though some sessions may be unsupervised.

If you decide you want to train seriously and race, you can join Weybridge Rowing Club. Members train at least 4 times a week (Saturday, Sunday plus a minimum of two evenings). Senior membership currently costs 300.

Session No

Wednesday evening 7 p.m. / Saturday afternoon 2 p.m. (NB. sessions will be on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Autumn)


Boats and equipment, technical terms
Introduction to rowing technique using the Ergo (rowing machine)
Water safety
British rowing technique (video)


Session on the Rowing Tank at Molesey Boat Club
Slide progressions - arms only, arms and body, quarter, half, three-quarter and full slide
Feathering the blades
Backing down
Stopping the boat


First water session, using coxed quad touring boats
Carrying and launching the boats
Getting in and out of the boat, adjusting the footstretcher, confidence drills, basic manoeuvring
Putting into practice what you learned in the tank


Dyamic warm-up, cool-down and stretching
Progressing to full slide


Sculling technique - focus on feathering and squaring the blades
Core stability - introduction to some exercises which you can do at home to help improve your rowing by strengthening your core muscles

6 Sculling technique - timing, rhythmn and ratio, length of stroke

Introduction to coxing (navigation rules, giving commands and steering the boat)

Sweep-oar rowing (with one oar)
9 More sweep-oar rowing or sculling in fine boats (racing quads or doubles)
10 Mini-regatta
End of course party
Where next?
Optional sessions Couse attendees are welcome to join in the regular Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday morning members sessions once they are able to row with full slide and feather the blades.
Capsize Drill We are hoping to organise a capsize drill in a swimming pool one Sunday afternoon during the course. This will be in addition to the advertised sessions, and we may be joined by other club members.
If it rains? A few spots of rain don't stop us from rowing, but if the weather is really too bad, we will hold the session indoors using rowing machines
What next? If you have attended all 10 sessions of the course you should be able to take our Certificate of Competency Test, which will enable you to join our regular sessions and take part in our rowing tours. If you feel you need more practice first, you can attend our improvers sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.